The biggest, fastest, and strongest people in the world combine to compete in front of 65,000+ people each Sunday, colliding into each other in a fit of rage, letting loose on new blood after a week's worth of in-fighting, and establishing an identity fueled by brute force and physicality-and those are just the special teams players on the opening kickoff. 

There is no question that the NFL has our undivided attention.  The championship game is as much a part of
America as banana-splits, whether you like banana-splits or not.

Sure the NFL can be somewhat tiresome with its "this is the NFL! I mean, c'mon, man! The N-F-L!" elitist attitude, but watching these supreme athletes bash each other so skillfully for 60 minutes a day, 16 days a year, and then shake hands and hug immediately afterward, is nothing if not unbelievably perfect.

NFL Final Four Power Rankings
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