There is no better show in sports than NBA basketball.  Sure, an 82-game season can make for some down time, but each night of this 82-game marathon offers match-ups between two of the best players in the world at their position. 

After this seemingly endless tug-of-war for playoff seeding, the real fun starts: NBA Playoffs.

The 82-game "pre-season" is now a reference point for the "real season".  Match-ups are intensified and every play is magnified.  Heroes are born and goats are exposed.

And it's all within our ear shot, assuming you are lucky enough to get those lower-bowl playoff tickets.

2011 Playoffs
5/12/11 Notebook
5/5/11 Notebook
5/3/11 Notebook
4/28/11 Notebook
4/26/11 Notebook
4/20/11 Notebook
4/19/11 Notebook

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